Lawmakers Fighting Insurance Cancellations

Florida lawmakers say you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your insurance just because you file a claim.

Delray Beach Sen. Ron Klein unveiled legislation Wednesday that would block insurers from canceling policies of property owners who’ve had a policy at least three years.

Klein says his office has gotten more than 100 calls from people afraid to file claims for fear of losing their insurance in the wake of this latest deadly hurricane season.

Klein told reporters, “We need to make sure if people pay their policy, pay the premium, and with these big increases, they’re doing the responsible thing, but they also want to know, if they’re paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for insurance, when they have that burglary, when they have that fire or a hurricane hits, the insurance is going to be there for them. That’s what insurance is all about.”

Klein’s bill would also ban the practice of companies raising insurance rates prior to getting state approval, called “use and file.” Lawmakers will consider the measure during the coming spring session.