Baby Born Behind Bars

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Authorities are investigating what happened. Inside the Bay County Jail Annex, where Jennifer Bozeman gave birth without a doctor on Monday. They're trying to find out why the woman was not taken to the hospital.

Bozeman is serving time for contempt after not paying a $500 child support fine. She was incarcerated in September and is due to be released December 9. She wasn't due to give birth until December 18.

Bozeman gave birth to her baby alone, with the assistance of just one nurse in the jail's infirmary. She was reportedly told she had kidney stones after she complained of labor pains Sunday night.

Correctional program manager Roger Hagen says the staffers knew she was pregnant and always fully monitor inmates' health.

"Everybody, within 14 days, is seen by the doctor with the nurse practitioner. A full medical exam is done at the point in time. All of our individuals that are pregnant out there are identified and tracked."

Doctor's are treating Bozeman at Bay Medical Center. Her baby, Crystal, is in Gainesville, and authorities say the child is a ward of the state until further notice.

Investigators are taking statements from nurses and officers to find out what happened, and why Jennifer Bozeman was not taken to the hospital earlier.