Department of Corrections Bust

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Two high ranking correctional officers arrested Tuesday on charges of aggravated assault are now out on bail, and authorities are still looking for a third man in connection with the fight at a prison related function, but their case may go beyond just a third degree felony charge.

Richard Frye and James Bowen made their first appearance Wednesday morning in a Jackson County courtroom. The career correction officers found themselves on the wrong side of the cell bars at least for one night.

County Judge Woodrow Hatcher read the charges of third degree felony to the officers. Judge Hatcher set bail at $5,000 for both men, which they made and have been released at this time.

The charges stem from an altercation at softball banquet in Tallahassee this past April. According to arrest records, Frye and Bowen struck the alleged victim James O'Bryan in the face and caused injuries to his nose and chin.

The arrest records say the victim was kicked by the officers as well. This all comes as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating a number of allegations of wrongdoing in the state prison system.

The department was already under fire for hiring a phantom employee, allegations of theft by corrections officers and the apparent suicide of a guard facing rape allegations.

Tallahassee police are currently handling the banquet fight case, but we understand the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating Allen Frye in connection with the alleged pilfering of prison property.

Both Frye and Bowen are currently on administration leave from the Department of State Corrections.

The third man wanted in connection with the fight is Allen Wayne Clark. Clark resigned from his position as northern regional director of the Department of Corrections in August.