Gas Wiser, Gas Miser: Part II

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Here are some ideas to save money on gas, which may be easier and cheaper than you think! If you can afford free, you can afford these ideas.

According to the Department of Energy, the way you drive your car can affect your gas mileage by as much as 30 percent.

It seems like we're all in a rush to get somewhere, but that time you save from speeding is money you’re loosing when you pull up to the pump.

According to the Department of Energy, every five miles per hour over 65, represents a seven percent decrease in fuel economy. This is like paying an extra 15 cents per gallon, so slow down and you can save big.

Second, use cruise control. If you've already paid to have it on your car, why not make it pay for itself? Cruise control will help you maintain a steady speed without excessive acceleration, especially on Florida's flat roads. The amount of money you save from doing this really just depends on how much highway driving you do.

Third, remember you're not a race car driver. There's no reason to fly off the line. Sudden acceleration and sudden braking are the two biggest killers of gas mileage. If you can remember not to hit the petal hard you can find yourself save as much as 25 percent next time you hit the pump.

Fourth, avoid excessive idling. When your car is idling you're getting zero miles to the gallon because you're using fuel, but not going anywhere.

"The Gas Price Alert Guide to Improving Gas Mileage" says if you're going to sit in your car anywhere for more than 30 seconds, it pays to turn the engine off.

Finally, pack light. According to the Federal Trade Commission, every excess 100 pounds in your car is a decrease of two percent to your gas mileage. So if you have stuff you don’t need, toss it out.

So let’s review:

First, slow down. The higher your speed, the higher your fuel costs.

Second, use cruise control. Your car knows best.

Third, no sudden starts or stops. They're the biggest killer of your gas mileage.

Fourth, turn off your car if you're not going anywhere, your just killing your mileage.

And finally, pack light, because extra weight means extra trips to the pump.

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