Intelligent Design Talks

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When asked about several recent controversies in Pennsylvania and Kansas, Bay County school board member Ron Danzy said he supports teaching intelligent design in local classrooms.

Intelligent design supports the biblical version of creation. The creation versus evolution debate dates back decades.

Hollywood made a movie about the most famous real-life case, the so-called scopes monkey trial called "inherit the wind."

Spencer Tracy plays to role of Charles Darrow, who defended Tennessee science teacher John Scopes in the 1925 trial.

In the scopes trial the evolution side won, but the debate has raged on ever since. Only these days, the creationist view is called intelligent design.

Eight school board members in Pennsylvania were ousted for supporting a one minute classroom statement regarding intelligent design.

This came on the same day the Kansas state school board adopted state wide science standards, casting doubts on evolution, and some believe the two subjects can and should go hand-in-hand.

But that won't happen unless the state changes the curriculum and the Sunshine State standards. Danzy was in Tallahassee Thursday for a meeting and was unavailable for comment.