Jail Inmate's Labor Pains Ignored

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In the wee hours of November 7, jail inmate Jennifer Bozeman sat in her dark jail cell suffering from excruciating labor pains.

According to the CCA internal report released Tuesday, the on-duty nurse was notified, but no one came to Bozeman's side. When the next on-duty nurse arrived at 6 a.m. she sent Bozeman to the infirmary, where Bozeman gave birth less than an hour later.

Tuesday CCA officials announced they've taken disciplinary action against the first on-duty nurse and several custodial workers who were aware of the situation, but failed to report Bozeman's condition to the proper medical staff.

Newschannel 7 has learned one worker was fired and another received a written reprimand. Jail officials are also taking steps to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again. They're arranging additional training for their medical and custodial staff, and are more actively involving physicians into their local hospital contracts.

Officials say they are going to be more sensitive to pregnancy cases in the future so the pains of labor don't linger after a traumatic event like Jennifer's.

Bozeman's newborn daughter Crystal was one month premature and has some medical issues. The child was airlifted to Shands Medical Center in Gainesville where she's still under a doctor's care.