Jail Birth Report Made Public

A woman who gave birth to a baby girl while in the Bay County Jail annex was released Monday night, but says she's far from being free of the pain she suffered while giving birth.

Jennifer Bozeman was jailed for owing $500 in child support. An anonymous person paid off the remainder of the amount owed Monday and she was then released.

Early one morning last week, Bozeman started complaining about labor pains. She was being held in the women’s section of the CCA Bay County Jail Annex in Bayou George.

The nurse on duty was notified but it was not until four hours later when the morning nurse came in that she was helped.

Bozeman was taken to the jail infirmary, where she gave birth. Authorities say the on duty nurse did not handle the issue properly.

One CCA worker has been fired and another has received a written reprimand for the way the birthing situation was mishandled.