Calhoun Grad Rate

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It's every school administrator’s goal to have every high school student graduate. While that goal is hard to achieve, Calhoun County is well on its way.

94.3 of the county’s students graduated this past May, the highest graduation rate in all of Florida.

"Of course the superintendent's office, the school board, even the community are all contributing factors to the successful graduation rate here in Calhoun County, but when all is said and done, it's the teachers that make a difference."

"Our teachers are the vanguard, they are right there. They all take it to heart. We have as conscientious a staff as you'll find anywhere. Teachers and school based administrators and sports staff, they really take it to hear and they really do try. They do a good job."

And extra-curricular activities are also an important part of a school's graduation rate.

"That's one thing that will help keep some of our students in school, is the fact that they've been able to come out and play football, play basketball, play baseball or softball and it's a motivating factor to keep them in school and it has helped our graduation rate very much."

Although the numbers are impressive, Jones says he thinks there's room for improvement.

"It shows we are on track, we try to find the weaknesses in our system, not only try to find the weaknesses, but why these weaknesses are there and try to make changes so the students can be as successful as possible."

Jones says his staff has a goal of reducing the drop-out rate. They accomplish it by tracking students' test scores and grades, and arranging curriculum and schedules to help keep kids in school.

The Panhandle had both the best and worst graduation rates in the state. Calhoun County was tops at 94.3 percent. Gadsden County was worst at 45.9 percent.