FEC Will Investigate Walton Campaign Funding

A Walton County elections group may be facing possible charges from the Florida Elections Commission.

Last fall Scott Brannon beat county commission incumbent Lane Rees in a primary race in Rees’ bid for re-election.

The campaign was marked by a series of negative ads, calling Rees a “full-time fundraiser instead of a county commissioner.”

Now, the Florida Elections Commission says the group that bankrolled those ads, the Walton Association of Voters, or WAV, may have violated campaign laws 30 times by not reporting money it raised.

Rees told NewsChannel Seven on Friday he was disappointed by what the group did.

“They were accusing me of raising a lot of money when they were the ones raising the money for the ads and not reporting it. The voters were treated unfairly by not being informed where all the money came from.”

It will be at least February before the state elections commission will be holding hearings on the matter.