2 Spring Breakers and Lifeguard Rescue Swimmers

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Panama City Beach, FL-- With the help of a lifeguard, two Spring Breakers from Georgia rescued two swimmers by The City Pier.

It was a beautiful day by the Panama City Beach City Pier, until two swimmers got caught in the deceptive rip currents.

Luckily for them, both Dillon Humphries and Tyler Faugen were nearby,
"We just look over and we hear these two people screaming help and we didn't know what to do. So, of course, we just swam out there and tried to help them. We noticed that he can't swim and she was pregnant. So I had to carry her back into the sandbar until we could both stand there."

The rescue mission didn't go as smoothly for Dillon's friend, Tyler,

"My guy he was pushing me down trying to use me as a floatation device and I told him just get off me and breathe, through his nose and not his mouth"

About that time a lifeguard Caryn Sigfried, who was more than an 1/8 of a mile away, noticed what was happening and was able to get there in time to assist the struggling Spring Breaker as well as the man drowning.

P.C.B. Fire Department Captain Joe Cocco says several factors played a role in the near drownings, and the rescues,

"Know what the flag warning system is, but the second lesson is, we can see how important the life guard system is. The city lifeguard came over and saved the day for that young man and I can tell ya lifeguards are definitely needed in Panama City Beach throughout and that's something we need to focus more on more lifeguards, and more information about the flag warning system."

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