Former Mayor Clemons Resigns

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Former Panama City Mayor Gerry Clemons has resigned his membership on several boards. He says current Mayor Lauren DeGeorge asked him to resign.

DeGeorge says she didn't ask Clemons directly to resign, but Clemons did not resign from one crucial board, the Airport Authority.

DeGeorge says she considers Clemons has resigned from everything. This all stems from a development a few weeks ago involving local architect Bane Collins serving on two different city boards.

Mayor DeGeorge claimed Collins had a conflict of interest, so he resigned from one of the two positions.

Gerry Clemons says rather than create more tension in the city commission, he's now agrees to Mayor DeGeorge's request to resign from three boards.

Former mayor and active community member Gerry Clemons has served 24 years on the fire pension board, 10 years on the general employees pension board, and also on the Florida League of Cities supplementary pension for management authority.

Monday afternoon he resigned all three positions. Clemons says he spoke to Panama City attorney Rowlett Bryant Monday afternoon, and he says Bryant made it clear to him Mayor DeGeorge wanted him to resign.

Although she believes there was a conflict, DeGeorge claims she never directly asked Clemons to resign, but since Clemons has resigned, Mayor DeGeorge apparently believes it should apply to all of his positions, including Clemons' seat on the airport board.

Clemons does not see it that way and Clemons isn't planning on stepping down from that position.

Mr. Clemons says he's not happy to be stepping down from the pension boards, but he says stepping down will not slow him down at all, and as far as he's concerned he's still a member of the Airport Authority.