Jackson County Administrator

Jackson County administrator Ted Lakey still has a job.

Jackson County Commission Chairman Paul Dudley asked his fellow commissioners to consider certain actions against Lakey, including termination.

Lakey has held the job a little more than two years ago. Several of the commissioners said they've had some problems with his job performance, but they didn't want to make a snap decision. In fact, some even criticized Dudley for forcing the issue.

Chuck Lockey of the Jackson County Commission says, "I think it's fair to the person to sit down face to face with a commissioner for them to tell them the problems and issues they have instead of just sending them a letter. Everybody in here has a job. I'd hate to come back from vacation to open my mail to see that I had a letter put on notice that I'm going to be terminated. I don't think that was very professional."

Why is Lakey on the hot seat? That's a good question. No one will say why his job performance is in question. It looks like any kind of decision on Lakey's future will come after the first of the year.