Holiday Music Guide

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Locally, one radio station's already gone to an all-Christmas format. That's Sunny 98.5. They are one of our media partners.

Sirius satellite radio has two channels dedicated to music of the season. Channel 2 is traditional and contemporary Christmas music. Channel 62 is a Country Christmas. Sirius starts its Christmas Music Thanksgiving Day.

XM has five channels of holiday music.

XM channel 103 is "Holly" that's a variety of Christmas music.
XM channel 104 is "Holiday Traditions", music from the 40s through the 60s.
XM channel 105 is "Nashville Christmas", which features, you guessed it, country music.
XM channel 106 is "Classical Christmas" featuring instrumental music.

And XM channel 107 is "Special Christmas" with the zany holiday hits like Cheech and Chong to the Chipmunks. XM is starting its holiday music Thanksgiving Day.
You can find more info on XM's Holiday Lineup by visiting: