Salvage Santa Hard At Work Again

Bay County's resident toy maker is hard at work in his own toyshop.

Salvage Santa has been responsible for helping hundreds of local children have a very Merry Christmas over the years.

For the past 22 years, Mike Jones has been fixing up old, donated toys, and giving them to the less fortunate children in Bay County.

The idea came to him when he worked at Sears and Roebuck back in the 80's. They would throw out old toys, and he decided to fix them up!

Now, this little effort has grown into a big community project. Jones hopes to give 100 children new or nearly new bicycles this Christmas. "It's kind of like a random act of kindness--from the citizens of Bay County...They make the program--they give me the stuff, I fix it, but it's their spirit, their hearts and as you can tell, there's a lot of people in Bay County that have big hearts."

If you have old toys....any old toys as long as they can be can drop them off in Mike's backyard at 2715 Hillsborough Avenue in Hiland Park, or you can give him a call at 769-4572.