Toy Tester, Part 1

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With the holidays already here, you’re probably thinking of what to get your kids this year. Well, we've got you covered.

We checked out some of the top toys to see if they're worth buying. This year the hottest toys must be new, innovative and do something we haven't seen before.

"We're starting to see the development of toys into family entertainment, so items that used to be traditional toys have now, with the magic of electronics and kids facility with technology, really become closer and closer to consumer electronic products, so we're seeing a real blending of the two categories."

Bandai's Tamagotchi and Radica Games' Skannerz fit the bill. They have new designs, colors and characters to play with, and they're priced right.

Skannerz go for $19.99; Tamagotchi ranges from $7.99 for the mini to $24. 99 for the two pack, and one of the biggest things these days is that the toys must be interactive.

For $39.99, Play-a-Long's Care Bear Share-a-Story brings the bear to life as it reads to kids.

Magic Doodle Bear allows kids to draw on it and it glows in the dark. The price is $24.99.

The Sky Dancers at $17. 99 and Cabbage Patch Kids babies for $24.99 are also good buys, but will they keep your children active?

"We know that children love media and we know that they love to be entertained on television. What we want them to do is actually be physically active while being entertained, so our Bella line has been able to do that through our instructional videos. They're entertaining and fun because it's young people in the videos, the instructors are young and their children are the same age as your children, actually, in the video, so they're entertained and they're learning and they're up physically moving."

The Bella Pop Star keeps kids dancing and singing for hours for only $24.99. For $29.99, Black Belts combines exercise and entertainment, as kids learn the art of karate. Both come with all the accessories like headsets, mats and video.

"Of course, action figures are still on the hot list; Star Wars is back in the swing of things, Power Rangers SPD, you got Transformers, something that I was enjoying when I was a kid, they come back around full circle, they get bigger, they get better, they get more mobile. We had a couple of other ones that you want to take a look at as well."

Teen Titans is a big seller. The cartoon can come to life in your living room, but superheroes aren't the hottest action figure this year.

Bratzpack seems to be the biggest of them all. You can't possibly name all the types, but there's a lot and they're pretty popular.

As you can see, there are a lot of hot toys.