Toy Test, Part 2

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Earlier we looked at a lot of cool items for your kids including some interactive toys and some of the best action figures out there. We also showed you some toys that will keep your children physically active while they play. Now we'll take a look at some more hot toys, including this year's must-haves for the holidays.

Let's start with a couple of toys for the young kids. Radio Flyer continues to provide kids with hours of reasonably priced entertainment. The Retro Rocket shoots kids around the room for only $39.99.

For $10 more you can get the Twist Trike, which starts as a trike and twists into a chopper. $29.99 get you Fisher Price's Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, a cute toy that plays a catchy song

And the Fusion Crew is a hot new toy. You can mix and match the figures and have them battle it out in the fusion dome. The dome will run you $33.99 and the figures come in pairs for $6.99.

"We talked about interactive being the key for toys this holiday season and R/C cars are at the top of a lot of people's list in terms of fun, interactive toys to play with and these are nice, but we had a couple of our own that we were able to take out on the road."

MGA's Bigfoot Ragin monster truck spins and flips its way around the road. The price is around $60.

If you really want, a big RC truck that can go anywhere, you should look into the Rock Crawler by Funrise. For about $150 this Jeep goes up steps, through high grass and just about anywhere else you can think of, but for the hottest toy this season we have to go back indoors.

"Well, this is it, the hottest toy of the season, the Xbox 360. The best in graphix, high definition, plays DVDs, the best games. This is everything you could ever ask for in a video game system. It came out Tuesday night, people lining up outside the stores Wednesday morning to get their hands on it, most stores with limited copies, but clearly this is the hottest toy for the holidays."

It's the next big boost for the billion dollar video game industry. The 360 hopes to become your DVD player, stereo and game console all in one.

There are two Xbox 360 packages to choose from. One is $300, the other is $400, but it seems well worth the money when you see what the game's look like and all the other features it has.

And there you have it. A lot of new toys that will bring a smile to your child's face this holiday season. We'd like to thank all the companies that sent us toys to test.