Rep. Jimmy Patronis Talks 2014 FL Legislative Session

PANAMA CITY BEACH - Florida lawmakers ended their 2014 election year session late Friday with an adoption of a $77.1 billion dollar budget. So what's in the budget for our area?

There is funding for a number of projects that are considered high-priority by local officials. There's money set aside for Washington County courthouse, helping and assisting in building some elementary schools in the panhandle and $2 million set aside for sewer installation around Deer Point Lake.

"Again, this is a just one step further we're taking as a legislature working with our governor to try and make sure Deer Point is not only safe, but also as environmentally protected as possible and water is available for those who need it. The governor now is looking over the budget before we have sent it them. He has not yet gotten it. They are reviewing the budget and there's going to be concerns that the governor has and the governor has to come up with a criteria," said Rep. Jimmy Patronis.

Patronis says they also have $5 million in the budget for Gulf Coast State College to assist with the construction of a STEM building.