FDLE Investigates Shooting by Okaloosa County Deputy

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating a shooting by an Okaloosa County sheriff's deputy.

The deputy, Chris Anglin, fired two shots into a car after the driver allegedly tried to run him over.

The incident took place Thanksgiving night in the parking lot of the Subway Restaurant on highway 98 at Florosa.

The suspect, 27 year old Jwiane S. Smith of Ocala was found later at a Pensacola hospital where he had gone for treatment of a right arm gunshot wound.

The deputy suffered only minor cuts when he fell on the asphalt to avoid being hit by the car.

Smith is now being held on a number of felony charges. It's unknown why he tried to run over the deputy. In the meantime, Deputy Chris Anglin remains on paid administrative leave pending completion of the F-D-L-E probe.