A Hometown Christmas in DeFuniak Springs

DeFuniak Springs' 16th Annual Hometown Christmas is a place where you can find unique gifts that you won't find in the big chain stores.

Vendors arrived Friday morning and began setting up a total of 90 booths, but this is unlike any other shopping experience. All of the items are handmade.

"We have chosen to keep this, what I like to think of is a pure craft show where everything here is handmade, so if you buy a necklace here you’re not going to find it anywhere else, it is handmade. Everything here is handcrafted, handmade, that is what makes it to us so unique. You're not going to find it at the mall; you’re not going to find it in the catalogue. Everything is done by hand, and the people that make it is done with love," said Sara Comander, the Hometown Christmas director.

Items will be on sale like Joanne Byrd and her husband’s wind chime creations. They have been making "happy chimes" for four years now and enjoy coming to sell them at craft shows.

Joanne Byrd says, "The best thing is meeting people and the other best thing is to watch people come into the tent and go, ‘awww these are so pretty,’ and they do, and I mean, it’s just so exciting."

The chimes are all made from recycled glass bottles.

"We have people donating us stuff all the time and we'll come home and there will be bags of glass bottles on our door and it makes them fell good that someone is making art out of them."

There will also be entertainment, food booths, and giveaways every hour. Hometown Christmas ran from 9 to 5 Saturday. This is the second year the event was held at the DeFuniak Springs Fairgrounds.