Local Teen Killed While Hunting

A 13-year-old Bay County teenager, Austin Richardson, was killed Sunday morning when he was accidentally shot in the shoulder by a 10-year-old friend.

The boy and his father were hunting near Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area in southern Washington County. They were hunting with a larger group when they wounded a deer

They followed the deer into the woods when the teenager was shot when he accidentally stepped into the line of fire from the 10-year-old Dylan Barfield's gun. He died at a Panama City hospital.

Lt. Stan Kirkland says it’s a tragic accident, which could have been prevented.

The state of Florida requires anyone 16 years of age or older to complete a hunter safety course. Neither of the boys was of age. It hasn’t been confirmed whether they actually took the course.

It’s the second area hunting accident since hunting season began Thanksgiving Day. On Saturday two men were wounded while hunting quail in Calhoun County.