Legislature Convenes Next Week

Florida lawmakers will gather in Tallahassee next Monday for a special session of the state legislature.

The Governor’s agenda is limited to Medicaid reform and slot machine regulations for Broward County.

Lawmakers also have a long list of other issues they would like to be addressed during the special session.

But House Speaker Allan Bense doesn’t want to expand the agenda. “I believe there almost has to be blood in the streets before we have an issue before special session because it doesn’t get the proper committee vetting. When we do things quickly… you know, bad cases make bad law and when we do things quickly, we tend to make errors sometimes that we have to clean up at a future date. So certainly Medicaid reform, certainly the gambling issue we hope will be both of those resolved next week.”

The special session begins at 1 pm next Monday.

Other issues that might come up during the five day session are hurricane recovery, the scandal at Citizen’s Property Insurance Company and lobbyist reform.

But, Speaker Bense would rather deal with those during the regular session that begins in March.