Bay County Investigator Honored

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Bay County Sheriff's Office Investigator Richard Bagwell is a finalist for this year's Florida Retail Federation Officer of the Year.

As a leader of the methamphetamine drug unit, Bagwell has seen more than 170 labs busted in the last two years. He has helped take more than $11 million in illegal drugs off the streets of Bay County.

Last year Bagwell helped save the lives of two children overcome by toxic gas in the home where the mother operated a meth lab.

Sheriff Frank McKeithen says Bagwell deserves this honor.

"In one way he's very quiet, personally, I think, but in his other way professionally I think he is probably the most educated and versed person in Florida or even the surrounding states for working meth and meth labs, most knowledgeable person I know of."

The Officer of the Year Award has been an annual event since 1974.