One Week Legislative Meeting Set

Florida lawmakers return to the state capitol in Tallahassee Monday afternoon for a five day special session and their "to do" list is getting longer.

Gov. Jeb Bush wants the legislature to pass a Medicaid reform bill and a bill to allow slot machines in Broward County. Lawmakers have plenty of other ideas.

House Speaker Allan Bense of Panama City says he’s getting all sorts of suggestions.

“I've had about 25 or 30 calls, by the way, from folks that tell me 'boy we need to get this in special session'. So trust me, there are a lot more issues out there that want to get into a special session that don't need to be in special session."

Speaker Bense has agreed to consider seven issues that are not on the governor's wish list including a bill that gives homeowners more time to pay their property taxes if they live in a county that was declared a disaster area during the 2005 hurricane season.