Rod Smith

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With Gov. Bush in his second term, both parties are looking at candidates to make a run for the Governor's Mansion in 2006

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Rod Smith was the keynote speaker Saturday night for the Jackson County Democratic Executive Committee's barbecue in Marianna.

Hundreds showed up to the event to meet smith a two term state attorney, and current second term senator from the Gainesville area. Smith says he plans to run on a platform of family values and education.

Smith is the Senate Agricultural Committee chairman and is very concerned about protecting the environment, especially when it comes to offshore drilling.

Sen. Rod Smith, (D) Gainesville, says, "I think offshore drilling would be a disastrously bad idea for Florida. We would be swapping a short-term solution that really wouldn't be solving our problems. We'd be swapping it for a risk against our environment that would be irreplaceable."

Florida is among 35 other states that will decide governor races in 2006.