Panhandle Claims for Hurricane Damages

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The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation measures county to county damage and insurance claims across the state, and according to these claims, 170 families in Bay County received an average of $5,300 for storms that happened more than 500 miles away.

Hurricane Charley came ashore on the southwest coast of Florida in August, 2004. Less than a month later and twice the size of Charley, Frances hit the coast of West Palm Beach.

Both storms caused severe flooding and wind damage, but more than 500 miles away from the panhandle. If these numbers seem high, there may be an explanation, but Hutt says these numbers don't worry him.

Hutt says building construction has become more durable to storms, and people are preparing sooner and stronger for storms.

Although Hutt is optimistic about the numbers dropping, others are appalled at the high numbers because in the long run, that is what increases all of our insurance rates.

Other counties around the panhandle have claimed payments from Charley and Frances.

Insurance Claims:

Gulf County:
5,273 for Charley
47,144 for Frances

Holmes County:
117, 635 for Charley
59,285 for Frances

Walton County:
259,760 for Charley
482,864 for Frances