Checking the Status of Security at the Local Port

The U.S. Coast Guard Wednesday was busy at Port Panama City running training drills simulating a possible terrorist threat in Bay County.

The exercises were used to test the Coast Guard’s responses to a threat or an actual attack.

The local Coast Guard used its 25-foot response boats to stop another vessel, which was playing the part of a terrorist threat.

Using a series of special maneuvers they were able to cut off the boat before it could even get close to the local port.

BM3 Joseph Buell was one of those taking part in the training. It could be suicide bombers just like what happened to the USS Cole several years ago. It could be any small boat trying to get in and blow up a Navy Vessel. If they get past us they could hurt a lot of people.

Wednesday’s drill was identical to ones done at major ports across the country. The Coast Guard says even though we are no where near the size of places like Tampa, we are still just as susceptible to attack.