Jackson County Homicide Update

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Monday morning Jackson County authorities were called out to a boat landing north of Marianna. There they discovered the body of a 62-year-old man floating in the Chipola River.

Wednesday morning investigators released new information surrounding the case.

Jackson County sheriff's investigators have now made it official.

John P. McDaniel, Jackson County Sheriff, says, “His body went to the medical examiner's office and yesterday afternoon late the medical examiner's office told us that Rush Cowherd's death was as a result of a gunshot wound.”

The man, known to his friends as "Rush," was shot in his upper torso according to investigators. Deputies found his body floating in the Chipola River Monday morning.
An autopsy confirmed the cause of death.

Benjamin Rush Cowherd lived in the Grand Ridge area of Jackson County and was a retired counselor with the Florida State Hospital. He also worked as a drug counselor at Dozier School for Boys in Marianna.

“At this time we have no suspects. We’re going in all directions. Anybody that that he could have had any contact with, any counseling people he had or whatever it may be.”

Investigators don't believe the motive was robbery. They say Cowherd was found with cash on him. Cowherd’s truck was also retrieved from the river along with his fishing gear and a lawn chair.

Investigators won't say what caliber weapon was used in the shooting.

There are shell casings all over the world out there. It looks like they go out there and because it’s heavily wooded area people do a lot of target practice and that type stuff.

Cowherd’s body was found near Christoff Ferry Boat Landing just north of Marianna. It’s a popular hangout for fishermen and boaters. The nearest house is three miles away.