Auto Shop Inspections

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Santa Claus is coming to town, but before that event auto repair shops in Bay County will get a visitor of their own.

A state inspector is visiting auto shops in our area. They're not looking for rusty wrenches and old drip pans. Invoices and estimates are the subject. Over the next two days 195 auto repair shops in Bay County will be visited by a state inspector.

Stuart Scott with FDACS says, "Some of the issues are that a shop may submit a form to the division for approval and we may approve that form. However, that is not for the shop is using. They're using a form that is noncompliance to the state statute, therefore leads to an uniformed customer.”

State Inspector Stuart Scott says it's important that shops use the proper forms to maintain an even playing field for the business and to protect the consumer.

"The consumer no matter what the shop will receive some basic information on these forms. As in if they wanted to save their old parts, what kind of warranty is going to be applied to the repair."

These types of drop-in inspections are nothing new. This is the seventh one conducted by the department in recent years.

Currently there are 22,000 repair shops registered with the state. Investigators have already visited Duval, Palm Beach, Orange and Hillsborough Counties.

Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Charles Bronson encourages any consumer with question or a complaint about a repair shop. They can call the department's hotline at 1-800-HELP-FLA.