Job Creation in Florida

Less than a week after Governor Rick Scott declared victory at the closing ceremony for the Florida legislative session, the governor announced Hertz Rental Car headquarters will be moving from New Jersey.

For months, one big job announcement after another has been made across the state including more than 1,500 jobs being announced at the Navy Federal Credit Union in Pensacola and high paying jobs being added to the Jacksonville in the aviation field.

“We’ve been reducing unemployment at twice the national average rate,” said David Hart.

Another major announcement earlier this week will benefit a large portion of the state as Cola-Cola said they will buy 2 billion dollars worth of oranges in newly planted groves in newly planted groves over the next 20 years.

Even though a lot of positive publicity has surrounded job growth in the state, opponents say with the state not passing the Medicaid expansion bill, more than 100,000 thousand jobs will not come to the state.

“That would have brought 51-billion dollars of our own tax money back into the state over 10 years and that money goes directly into the economy,” said Karen Woodall.

Florida also lost 4,500 construction jobs when lawmakers failed to pass a bill renovating the Miami Dolphins stadium.

“We still have a long way to go to get back to full unemployment, but we’re heading in the right direction.”

Currently Florida’s unemployment is at 7 and a half percent.