Aquaman Honored

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53-year-old Ed Sorenson has received multiple recognitions for heroic work over his career. But he told NewsChannel 7 that perhaps this Saturday was his greatest honor.

Lieutenant John Authemend presented the Portland, Oregon native with the Coast Guard Public Service Commendation Award at Madison's Warehouse Restaurant in Marianna.

More than twenty members of Sorenson's family and closest friends came for lunch in recognition of the cave diver's accomplishments.

At a fit 53-years-old, Aquaman feels very priviledged to receive his first honor from Homeland Security. "Its an incredible recognition that they took the time to send someone out here and that’s a big honor and I appreciate it"

Lt. John Authement of the U.S. Coast Guard said it was a special event for his recognition. "Its a very, very wonderful feeling to be able to step up and recognize him, usually in the position to recognize members of the coast guard but to recognize someone from the community is very special."

Sorenson was awarded for saving four lives on three different occasions in 2012, including the rescue of three cave divers at Blue Spring Recreational Park.

Of the eight known successful cave diving rescues, Sorenson is the only person responsible for more than one.

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