State Launches Construction Training Program

Builders are down nearly 14,000 workers right now, and they’re frustrated available laborers frequently don’t have even basic construction skills.

The “Rebuild Florida” program will provide free training in skills like masonry, roofing, carpentry and concrete finishing. Workers who complete the training will get jobs starting on average around $15 an hour.

Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings announced the program Tuesday.

“We’re thinking in terms of a two to eight-week quick program to actually bring people into the industry, give them some basic skills as they move forward and hopefully entice them to grow as their skill level moves forward. But we’re not under the impression or the illusion that we’re going to bring people in off the street and immediately turn them into seasoned roofers or seasoned carpenters. That’s not going to happen, but we need workers so badly.”

State officials are planning to train 10,000 workers.

The state is already spending $6 million on the program, with another $12 million for the coming year. For more information on how to get involved, call 1-866-FLA-2345 or log onto