Katrina Cat

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, hundreds of pets were separated from their owners. A pet and owner reunion happened because of sheer determination.

Thousands of families were forced to flee the New Orleans area this past August to avoid the force of Hurricane Katrina. The Brodys and their five cats were no different.

Brenda Brody says, "I opened the van door and we didn't have them all subdued, so when I opened the door two of them jumped out."

One of those runaway cats was Morris, or Moe. He ran under the house. Brenda and Harmon Brody say they sadly had to leave Moe behind, but when the Brodys reached the safety of their second home in Blountstown, Moe was one of the first things on their mind.

"So after we saw what had happened, I just got online and started going to all the pet finder and pet rescue sites."

Moe's journey began at an animal shelter in Louisiana. Then he was sent to Columbus, Ohio. By the time the Brodys tracked him down he'd been sent to yet another shelter in Boulder, Colorado. Harmon Brody says he even had a friend in New Orleans go to a shelter looking for his cat.

Harmon Brody says, "I just kind of gave up when she didn't find him, ‘cause she had seen him many times, so it was quite a surprise to find out he was in Ohio or Colorado before that."

Moe's now home in Blountstown, where he was originally found and adopted before his owners took him to “the big easy,” and even though he hasn't had an easy time, when your a cat, having nine lives comes in handy.

Even though Moe will be home for the holidays, the Brodys say their family is not complete. They are still looking for their other tabby Max, who was also lost during the evacuation.