Mental Health Care Worker Arrested on Sex Charges

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A Franklin County healthcare worker is free on bond after his arrest on sex charges. Jim Mitchell is charged with sexual assault for allegedly having sex with a woman he was supposed to be counseling.

Mitchell was a mental health care worker for the Apalachee Mental Health group..

He allegedly had sex with one of the patients he was care for. The woman has multiple personalities. She told Franklin County Sheriff’s investigators Mitchell was coming back to her home. So they set up surveillance cameras.

Mitchell had told the woman none of her personalities could tell anyone what they had done. They they went into the woman’s bedroom and took off his clothes and got into her bed.

The woman then got up and went to the door and let Sheriff’s investigators in.

They arrested Mitchell. He was charged with sexual conduct by a psychotherapist. He was booked into the Franklin County Jail at Eastpoint and was released after posting $25,000 bond.

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