Christmas Pot Presents Problems

A Fountain man is facing charges for an unusual Christmas gift.

Acting on an anonymous drug complaint, Bay County sheriff’s investigators showed up at the home of 48-year-old Debra Bonner and her husband, Robert Bonner, Sr.

They say they asked Robert Bonner if he used marijuana and he said he did because it helped him with seizures.

During a search of the house, deputies say they found a half-pound of marijuana hidden in an empty soft drink box. Debra Bonner allegedly told the deputies she had gotten the marijuana for her husband for Christmas and pleaded with them not to confiscate it.

When deputies told Robert Bonner about the pot he reportedly said, “It would take me forever to smoke that much weed.”

Debra Bonner was jailed on charges of felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Robert Bonner is facing misdemeanor pot possession charges.