Cape San Blas Beach Erosion Addressed

For most people, living on the beach is a dream, but for others it can be nightmare, especially when your home is washing away.

A group of concerned citizens in Gulf County is hoping to fight the problem of growing beach erosion in the Cape San Blas area.

Hurricane Dennis created a giant storm surge which washed away most of the beaches and turned many of the homes into giant sand boxes. Katrina didn’t make land fall in the area but it also caused major damage to the beaches along the St. Joe Peninsula.

One concerned citizen is Richard Brenner.

“It was tragic to see homes hanging out over the water and you look at it and say something has to be done,” he says.

And something is being done. In August of this year, Gulf County formed the St. Joseph-Peninsula Beach Advisory Committee. It’s a group made up of 14 members dedicates to saving the Peninsula’s beaches.

Committee member Susan Wright says it won’t be solved overnight.

“It’s a huge deal and I guess the best way to put it is right now there is a very proactive timeline and under that plan we wouldn’t see sand dumped on the beaches until August 2007.”

To meet the time line the committee has some major hurdles to overcome. First they must create a multiple service taxing unit which would make residents pay for a portion of the beach renourishment.

Second, they need an environmental study completed showing the effects of the eroding beaches.

Then they must get county, state and federal permits okaying the plan.

You can get more information of Gulf County’s renourishment efforts at their Web site