New Developers Pushing Height Limitations

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The developers of the Bay Vue and Snug Harbor Condominiums have laid out their plans and cleared the land.

All they need now is the 'go ahead' from Panama City officials, but getting the okay may not be that easy.

Each of the developers wants to build higher than the current city ordinance allows. The Bay Vue wants an extra six feet, four inches.

The Snug Harbor wants another 30 feet. To go from 120 to 150 feet, developers have to get approval from the city's architecture board and the city commission.

Both developers have gotten the architectural approval, but not the city commission, and not all of the commissioners are excited about the plans.

Both developments are scheduled to come up during Tuesday's city commission meeting. The developers will have to get passed the commission before they can move forward with their plans.

If these buildings are approved, they will be the tallest buildings in the Panama City zone.