Woman Advertises on Her Chest

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Why pay millions for a three-minute Super Bowl ad when you can have your own permanent walking and talking billboard for $15,000?

Goldenpalace.com says why not?

“It's an affordable and creative way to advertise. Because of the business we're in, traditional venues for advertisements are more difficult to pursue, we have found this to be successful and enjoyable."

Delores Ping auctioned off her chest to the highest bidder in September. Online casino, goldenpalace.com bid $15,000, winning a prime spot right on Delores' chest.

“I've seen people sell body ads on ebay, I have sold things on ebay previously and I'm doing it for the fun of it."

Representatives of Golden Palace say they search for the perfect match to wear their ads.

"We got a lot of people that want to do tattoos with us. We screen very carefully for people that it fits with their life."

Today Delores endured the needle for 45 minutes while artists tattooed the words Goldenpalace.com on her chest.

Perma-Tattoo Advertising is not a new concept, but rarely used because it's well permanent. Delores says she doesn't plan on removing the tattoo, but if she does decide to she wouldn't hesitate to advertise for someone else.

"Oh yea, I wouldn't care a bit to do it again. It's exciting, it's something different, it's fun."

This is Delores' second tattoo. She had one done last week to see just how painful it would be. Surprisingly, she says it doesn't hurt at all.