Bay Schools Tackle Uniform Issue Again

It's one of the hottest issues for public school districts since praying in the classroom: uniforms. And the Bay County school system is no exception.

Many public schools are caught in a stalemate regarding school uniforms. Some think enforcing school wide uniforms is unfair, punishing the masses for the crimes of a few.

It's not a new topic of discussion for the Bay County School Board, which plans on enforcing a new dress code in August of next year.

The code will include basic uniform requirements, including navy and khaki bottoms, polos and long-sleeve button down shirts.

Baggy or ripped pants and hooded sweat shirts are among the forbidden items, and though rules will vary slightly between elementary, middle and high schools, they share the same goal: a more stable and less distracting learning environment.

School board member Donna Allen credits district teachers for the policy's success.

"I want to thank you for that because I knew it took a lot of work to do that. I think by talking to you you’re in agreement with that."

Discussion and voting on the dress code will resume at the board's meeting on January 24.