Volunteers Help With Financial Aid

Volunteers are fanning out across Florida to help low-income students and those whose parents never went to college find ways to pay for school.

Education officials are talking about “College Goal Sunday.” It’s a national event in February where volunteers help students and their families fill out the free application for federal student aid.

The forms are somewhat complicated and require the parents’ tax information, but education officials say that shouldn’t stop eligible kids from achieving their dreams.

David Armstrong is Florida’s Community College Chancellor. “A college education is increasingly the passport to the American Dream for students. But unfortunately, so many low-income and first-generation students aren’t getting that passport. That’s our goal, to assist these students and their families, to be able to attend college without any financial barriers.”

Volunteers will staff locations in 20 counties in Florida on February 19 to provide one-on-one help with filling out the financial aid forms.

Go to www.floridacollegegoal.com to see an FAFSA form and see what documents you’ll need to complete it, as well as a list of participating counties. You can also call 850-245-0407.