Street Racer Has a Bad Finish

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Panama City Beach police arrested one man early Sunday evening after he ran his truck into a utility pole while involved in some illegal activity.

"It was some fast driving going on and possibly some racing," said Sergeant Emily Melton with the PCBPD on how the truck ended up crashing into the pole.

"There was a couple vehicles that was possibly involved in some racing, as they were traveling westbound, one of them lost control and went up onto the curb and struck a power pole."

There were no injuries in the crash and the driver was taken into custody, but Melton says things could have been much worse.

"It could have either snapped the pole in half and landed on top of their vehicle. The other thing that could have honestly happened is, where they landed on top of one of the guide wires that are held down by big bolts, basically, and luckily they stopped right on top of it instead of breaking it completely from the ground which could have come up, struck somebody, and hurt them."

Officials say the main priority now is getting the power line fixed. Police believe alcohol was a factor in the case, however the driver was not over the legal limit.

The other car involved in the race left the scene before it could be identified by witnesses. Police say they are not pursuing other charges, or other people, at this time.