Powerball Host Talks on Historic Jackpot

Every Wednesday and Saturday night, millions of Americans around the country watch Powerball host Sam Arlen announce what will hopefully make someone a very happy person.

After Saturday night, the excitement moved to a Tampa suburb. A still unknown person purchased a single ticket worth 590 million dollars at a Publix grocery store.

“It never escapes my mine that everyone watching is clinging on to hope,” said Sam Arlen.

As the excitement looms in Zephyrhills, things have appeared to return to normal in Tallahassee at Florida Lottery Headquarters, where the ticket must be turned in to claim the cash.

The Powerball Jackpot winner has up to 60 days to claim the jackpot if they want the lump sum. They have up to 6 months if they want the annual payment.

Eight of every ten possible number combinations were purchased for the drawing.

“We had tickets selling at a rate of almost 45,000 per minute or 745 per second,” said Cindy O’Connell.

Even though the “big-winner” hasn’t stepped forward, there were hundreds of other winners across Florida.

We had over 643 players that actually won prizes, two $1 million tickets were sold in addition.

This marks the 6th time the winning Powerball ticket has been sold in the state.

If you do have the winning ticket, the lottery suggests you to do four things. Sign the back of the ticket, put it in a safe deposit box; and get a lawyer and a CPA.