Homeowners Upset over Pier Park North Construction

Some homeowners are upset about the new Pier Park North shopping development off Back Beach Road.

They said they were promised nothing would ever be built in that area.

Deborah Tainsh invited us into her home so we could see how the construction is affecting her and her neighbors.

"This is the view of my back yard now,” said Tainsh. “It used to be all trees here; when we bought the land in 2008 we were told this part back here would be wetlands and that when they started building the new shopping area it wouldn't destroy the trees."

Panama City Beach officials said they would not have issued permits to the developer if that property was considered wetlands.

So now residents are hoping someone will take their feeling into consideration.

"We're hoping they'll build a 6 foot fence to separate us from this pond," Tainsh said.

“I really believe as a good patron of our city they should put it up here next to these neighbors that are going to be affected until it's finished in 2014," said Debbie Sasser, a resident of Panama City Beach.

Late Monday afternoon residents got the news they were looking for.

Materials for a permanent fence should be arriving by the end of the week, and it should be put up within the next few weeks.

They will also be planting canopy trees every 20 to serve as a buffer.