The Hunt for Hurricane Sex Offenders

Florida officials are trying to figure out how many Hurricane Katrina evacuees may also be sex offenders.

Thousands of Louisiana and Mississippi residents are still in Florida months after Katrina hit, and authorities fear some are sex offenders who failed to register at their new Florida addresses.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is finally getting Louisiana's list of known sex offenders. FDLE will compare it to names of people in Florida who applied for federal hurricane relief money through FEMA.

Tom Berlinger, FDLE spokesman, says, "We'll be cross-matching that list first to see if in fact they have registered. If they haven't, then we will notify local law enforcement in the jurisdiction that's affected by each one of them, ask the local law enforcement folks to go by the last known address where they registered when they were asking for FEMA benefits, and see if they're not still there, and if they are, then either get them to register or perhaps arrest them for failing to register."

The Louisiana list is the first one received following this year’s barrage of hurricanes. Florida expects lists of known sex offenders from Mississippi and Alabama within a few days.