Bump Nose Murder

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Two days ago, a grand jury was presented 20 years worth of evidence concerning the murder of Richard Kelly. Friday afternoon, the grand jury made a decision on that evidence.

On June 17, 1985 Richard Kelly was found shot to death under this bridge On Bump Nose Road just north of Marianna. His killer was never found.

Since then the bridge and Bump Nose Road look quite different but not much has changed in this murder case, until now. Investigators hope evidence that includes a 32 caliber pistol found near the scene and new statements will help bring Kelly’s killer to justice.

After two days of hearing 20 years worth of evidence a Jackson County grand jury decided it was ready to indict a suspect.

Ricky Joseph Enyart, a man that was living with Richard at the time of his death, will now be charge with his murder. Enyart is currently serving a 20 year sentence in a state prison on burglary charges.

Jackson County Sheriff John McDaniel believes the grand jury was a major player in having this cold case heat up.

If he doesn't take a plea, Ricky Enyart will be facing the charge of first degree murder with a maximum sentence of life or being put to death.