Stamp Rates Increase by Two Cents

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"We're changing the price starting Monday."

This will be a common phrase around the Post Office for the next few days. Starting January 8, all postage rates are going up.

Here are some of the increased rates:

* First Class increased two cents to 39 cents for the first ounce, and one cent to 24 cents for each additional ounce.

* Post cards went up one cent to 24 cents.

* Express Mail went from $10.70 to 11.30.

* Certified Mail went from $2.30 to $2.40.

The rate hike is about five and a half percent across the board, but with growing popularity of online banking and bill paying, will the rate increase affect as many people as before?

Some say even though times have changed, some things stay the same.

Thirty nine cent stamps and two-cent stamps are both available now at all local Post Offices.

If you don't have the proper amount of postage on your mail after Sunday, chances are your outgoing mail will come back to you.