Searchers Find Two Missing Teens

Two 16-year-old boys from Bay County, who spent the night missing along the Choctawhatcee River, are back home and are said to be doing well.

The two teens, identified only as Josh and Will, are both students at Bozeman Learning Center. They were out with their family on a houseboat Saturday. The family docked the boat on the riverbank so the boys could go hunting. While hunting the teenagers got lost in the woods.

The parents began search for them, but when it became dark they contacted the Walton County sheriff’s office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who began an all night search.

At daylight Sunday, a Coast Guard helicopter joined the search.

The boys were found several hours later when they eventually made it through the heavy brush and trees and got back to the riverbank. A family friend who was searching the river by boat found them.

They the searchers they spent the rainy night in a hollowed out log to keep out of the cold and the rain.