FCAT Scores Improve for Springfield Elementary

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Educators at Springfield Elementary School have been up since early Friday morning to see the first results of the FCAT. Just last year the school was ranked as one of the bottom 100 schools in the state.

"Well we were very concerned that we didn't have a high number of students meeting proficiency. We got together and discussed what are we going to do for next year," said Harriet Taylor, principal of Springfield Elementary School.

In 2012, 31% of the school's third graders passed with a score of 3 or above in reading. In math, 33 % passed with a score of 3 or above. The highest they can get is 5.

After receiving those scores last year, the school implemented an additional hour set aside just for reading and it apparently worked.

"It makes me feel like we're really excited because we've studied, we've researched programs for our students, which ones would be the most effective and by far, SRE, a walk to reading program, came up on top," said Taylor.

The scores this year for the school are up four percentage points in third grade reading. They're also up five points in math for third grade.

"That trend of upward improvement is what we're seeing and that's what we wanted to see. If we had seen a drop, I'd be a lot more concerned, but we are continuing to increase," said Bill Husfelt, Superintendent of Bay District Schools.

School officials say third grade FCAT scores are important because they can decide if a student is held back or will have to attend one of the county's summer reading camps.

Springfield Elementary administrators are just hoping the upward trend continues.

"We do not have at this point a magic number. I think that's not fair to box us in. The sky's the limit. We're going to take them as far as we possibly can next year," said Taylor.

Compared to the state, Bay County students scored two percentage points higher in third grade reading. For math, third grade Bay County students scored two percentage points lower than the state.