Sheriff's Office Cracking Down on Hiring Illegal Workers

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"Hey, I'm Rob Ashman with the Sheriff's Department, can we go inside and talk?"

The construction company didn't really have a choice. The Sheriff's Department had visited the site weeks ago, warning employees they were cracking down on illegal aliens working in the unincorporated Bay County area.

They came back Tuesday to check up.

"We want to make sure that you know in fact all the people working for you are in fact documented legally."

When the Sheriff's Office approached the workers themselves, many of them had similar stories on why they didn’t have a green card.

"A lot of them are saying, oh, my document is at home, somewhere else."

But at the last minute, two confessed. From here the Sheriff's Office must find out who hired these employees, and documentation of legal status must be shown.

If it's not produced, the person who hired the workers could be cited, and when the officers check back in a couple of weeks, if the same problem exists, the person who hired them will be hit with a second degree misdemeanor and will be charged for every undocumented person working on site.

Sheriff officials say it's not the big companies that are usually the problem, it's subcontractors that tend to bend these rules.