Nesbitt Trial

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A Holmes County man who just spent 18 months in a federal prison is back in court. David Nesbitt served a year and a half on bomb possession charges. He's now accused of conning more than a quarter of a million dollars from some of his former neighbors.

It's five years later and David Nesbitt can't get away from his checkered past. The man convicted of possession of explosives in the Atlanta area now faces charges of securities fraud and grand theft in Holmes County.

In November of 2000 David Allen Nesbitt allegedly talked nearly 40 people into investing in his company. The state is accusing Nesbit of selling unregistered securities without a license, and using company funds to finance his personal expenses.

"Let me ask you this. Did you have a contract with Ameriware group or David Nesbitt to produce these devices?"


Investors in Nesbitt's business venture may have lost up to $300,000. Tuesday witnesses for the state testified that Nesbitt’s company, Ameriware Technologies, did not have the contracts Nesbitt claimed to have.

"I had told Mr. Nesbitt that in return for guarantee of the sale that nova would invest in the project in the sense that we not charge for nonrecurring engineering."

Nesbitt's attorney Jon Dingus feels that his client should be in a civil suit rather than facing criminal charges. The state sees it different, but a jury of six will have the final say.

David Nesbitt is currently free on bond while he's standing trail. Testimony picks up again in the morning, with the trial expected to wrap up by the end of the week.