Federal AirHeart Crash Report Criticizes Sacred Heart Personnel

A new report on last year's fatal crash of an AirHeart air ambulance in Walton County indicates some pilots felt their supervisor was trying to get them to fly in questionable weather conditions.

Three people died when the AirHeart chopper crashed into Choctawhatchee Bay in rough weather.

Investigators say they didn't find any problems with the helicopters two engines, nor was there any evidence lightning hit the aircraft.

Although the report does say some of the pilots felt the Sacred Heart Health System Flight Program Coordinator had a history of inappropriately involving himself in the weather-related decision making of pilots and encouraging them to accept and complete more flights.

The coordinator, however, was not on duty when the crash happened, and the colleagues of the pilot that died say the pilot was experienced, mature, confident in his decisions and was unlikely to be swayed by the coordinators actions.